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I am UmberDove.

And by that, I mean an artist.  One who hears stories in the wind, who paints because it is what her soul tells her to do, who smiths because the muse moves through her fingertips, who loves nothing more than the promise of an unexplored trail, the sound of the ocean in her ears, and scent of a serious cup of coffee.

True Center: The eCourse

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- The Offering -

True Center is an eCourse focused on the concentrated cultivation of your  artistic life.  Over these six weeks we'll join to establish, develop, and grow the creative practices that open the flood gates of inspiration.  We'll talk about where ideas spark and how to open our hearts and minds to receiving more of them.  We'll talk about what it takes to move from vague concept to raw form to polished piece in your  medium of choice.  We'll break boxes, expand boundaries, and fearlessly step into the fullness of your unique potential as a creative being.  This course is a safe place for experimentation. for taking leaps into the uncharted waters of your personal well of inspiration.

This is not a course to teach you how to make a pretty painting, to snap the perfect photograph, or to create the loveliest piece of jewelry - although we'll talk about all those concepts and more.  This is a class crafted around unlocking your True Center, working with the deep beauty you already hold inside, taking what lights you up and sets your soul ablaze, and then learning to create from that authentic and inspired place.  This is a course for those willing to delve into soulwork, to use their utterly individual experience as a glorious human being to inform their art.  This is a course for those who want to add depth, intention, meaning and story to the work of their hands.  This is a course for finding your True Center.


- The Details - 

Through the True Center eCourse you will receive: 

- Six weeks of concentrated instruction in a private virtual classroom.  Each week will hold new themes, vibrant lesson posts, videos, assignments, journaling and projects. 

- Two LIVE group Question and Answer sessions to address the your  questions on art, making, technical skill, broad concepts, and what ever else comes up!

- Entrance into our "secret" FaceBook group, a place to share inspirations, artistic breakthroughs (and the plateaus that always come before), build like-minded community and find support in this path of life and artistry as one. 


- Here's what the Alumni from the Summer Session have to say about True Center -

- "True Center cultivates a positive and creative space for artistic growth and personal empowerment. This course allowed me to work on my own pace, which supports one of the most valuable lessons that I drew from the class – that I am on time for my Life. True Center reflects the passion Kelly has for art and for life, and through the guidance of her course, I’ve made numerous discoveries within my self and my art. The weekly “homeplay” and thoughtful discussion topics provide a point from which to draw inspiration, spark fresh ideas, or revisit existing ones. And with the fellowship with other women who are exploring their own creative worlds, I found a wealth of encouragement, support and inspiration upon which ideas flourished." - T.M.

- You lead us through each movement of T.C. With a constant bright light & smile. I had lost my way in the creative forest and your guidance helped me fill my basket up with tools that let me find it again. I will be coming back to those reminders again and again." - C.B.

- "I thought Umber was a marvelous teacher with exciting, new ideas on ways to explore making marks (my favorite), color that excites (my favorite), words that reveal (also my favorite), and culminating in a final project that pulled all together (uh, yeah, also my favorite!)"


- The Instructor - 

Kelly Clark, the creatrix behind UmberDove, spends her days listening to trees murmur, watching eagles dance, filling pockets with nests and stones, wandering deep woods and deeper water, before finally bringing it all back to her Seattle studio and singing it into magic.  She brings over ten years of experience as a full time professional artist, working in multiple mediums.  Her paintings and jewelry work are internationally collected, as well as shown in galleries and boutiques across the North American continent.  She deeply believes that within every person lies the creative spark, and fanning that spark into a blaze has become part of her life calling. 

- The F.A.Q. - 

- This is an OPEN MEDIUM course.  What does that mean you ask?   The True Center eCourse is designed to meet you where you are, in the medium in which you love.  Much of the assignments and projects we'll do will take place in our sketchbooks and journals in order to develop the resource tools to inform your personal artwork.  We will discuss moving ideas, from the thought phase, through various mediums and how to interpret inspiration across the mediums you prefer to work with.

 - The FaceBook group is optional, and in no way a requirement for taking the course.  I strongly believe that we must be true to that which feeds us, supports us, lifts us up in order to boldly create art; for some a high integrity community is a vital part of this process.  Either way, know that I believe in the decisions you make.

 - While this is not a class on spirituality, I find my own art and spirituality to be deeply interconnected and these topics will arise throughout the course.  I ask that you come with an open mind and open heart to what works for others, to take what serves you, and leave what you do not need, knowing that we are all on a path to shine as bright and full of love as we are able.

-  Registration in the current session of True Center is $129 for everything and more. When you purchase this listing, please include the email address you'd prefer to use for correspondance. After payment, you'll receive your welcome email with further information and the links to the classroom!



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