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I am UmberDove.

And by that, I mean an artist.  One who hears stories in the wind, who paints because it is what her soul tells her to do, who smiths because the muse moves through her fingertips, who loves nothing more than the promise of an unexplored trail, the sound of the ocean in her ears, and scent of a serious cup of coffee.


The Friday Confessional


Confession Number 38:  I despise anything goopy, sticky, messy touching my face.  Face paint? Forget about it!  Chocolate, BBQ sauce, foamed milk, all these things I love, but I eat like a horse (lips curled carefully back, small bites with my teeth to ensure that every last morsel makes it all the way into my mouth).  But the real confession?  This is the reason I will lather love and affection on a baby from afar rather than cuddling - sticky baby hands on my face is a deal breaker.

Confession Number 92:  I always lick the spoon.  I have what some would call an unhealthy lack-of-fear of raw eggs (I know, I know) and love me some cookie dough.

Your turn, give me those confessions!