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I am UmberDove.

And by that, I mean an artist.  One who hears stories in the wind, who paints because it is what her soul tells her to do, who smiths because the muse moves through her fingertips, who loves nothing more than the promise of an unexplored trail, the sound of the ocean in her ears, and scent of a serious cup of coffee.


Observations at Twin Falls


One of the strangest things to me about photographs is how small they seem.  Standing on that bridge, a sharp wind blowing bits of spray onto my cheeks, the evergreens crowding my nostrils, the mating calls of song birds persistently ringing above the thundering of the waterfall, I felt so tiny.  The trees canopied over my head, and I could see so far from my little wooden perch, the entire river laid out like an eternity below me. 


I faced off with a humming bird, but as we were of equal size, we were an equal match.  For ten long minutes we sized each other up, I bound to the ground, standing in the midst of the most beautiful swarm of golden gnats, the humming bird high in a tree, sitting frozen one second, buzzing threateningly the next, red breast flickering flames in the sunlight.


I saw my first trillium of the season, no small event for my year.  I keep noticing trilliums in my dreams.  As I'm hiking through brittle snow, I look down and dozens of bright white petals are springing up around my feet, I look closer and see that the snow is just a thin layer of ice and I am actually walking above the treetops of some underground world.  I realize if I stomp and crack that ice, the trilliums and I will fall through in one brilliant tumble of blooms like a bird shot in flight.


I sat quietly before three totem trees.  Gnarled and twisting, eyes raised like the saints, each seemed to hold a thousand faces.  Ferns sprouted twenty feet up in every which direction, the unruly hair of the elderly.  I tried to listen, but my young ears could not be silent long enough to hear their song, so instead I bowed and promised to return with a more patient spirit.