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I am UmberDove.

And by that, I mean an artist.  One who hears stories in the wind, who paints because it is what her soul tells her to do, who smiths because the muse moves through her fingertips, who loves nothing more than the promise of an unexplored trail, the sound of the ocean in her ears, and scent of a serious cup of coffee.


Like the Dickens



I thought I was terribly clever and on top of my business when I stacked up all your perfect packages and trotted right out to the post today... and then realized that my dear postal workers (Tom, Linda, I appreciate you and your funny little quips) would be off for Veteran's Day (and veterans, I really appreciate you because I love the life I lead).  So... tomorrow!

That said,
I also appreciate you.  Like the dickens.  More than chickens.
Your support yesterday, and honestly, every day, sets my heart on fire and I count my blessings to know this:
1.  I am following the path I was destine to walk.
2.  The ladies and gents I send my work to really and truly do understand it.  They hear the song I sing and weave it into their own hearts, bringing it into their own homes, their own lives, the lives of their children.  This is the greatest blessing I can hope to receive as an artist.

I must go pack enough clothes to make it through three weeks for the 72 hours I'm spending in Seattle starting tomorrow.  You NEVER know what might come up therefore I must have rain boots, vintage furs and striped tights just to cover all the bases.  In fact, that all sounds pretty good together.  Maybe I just decided on my airplane outfit.  Because that's really what airlines need more of these days: Panache
I'll be back next week (and back with a puppy!) so hold down the fort while I'm gone!